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Anonymous said:  What's going on with dylan and twitter?


Rude fans are rude. After doing a long ass Q&A after a long ass flight, he wanted to go get some rest as anybody would. Didn’t stop for autographs or didn’t do a lot of them, or something along those lines (i’m guessing, since i saw a lot of  talk about autographs on twitter) and a fan wasn’t exactly pleasant about it, leaving Dylan feeling not all that great tbh. 

People tend to forget that he (and other celebs) are human too and need a break and time to chill. Being in the public eye is part of the package for doing something he loves, but standing outside signing autographs for hours is not his job. He’s an actor, and he was only there to do a Q&A, nothing else. He did that. He just wanted to home after a long day, like the rest of the world does after a hard days work.

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teen wolf + villain reveals

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@Charlie_Carver: At work, but don’t give a damn- @damonlindelof deadline I accept your #icebucketchallenge [x]

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Anonymous said:  Samcedes has been a thing since season 2 so it's not that new hahaa but yeah I get that the show has been insane but I actually like them this season. They were cute :)

blegh but they weren’t like a huge thing in season 2 so idk

Anonymous said:  youre perfection ilysm

ily more

Anonymous said:  u dance?

Yeah. Well I mean currently I’m on break for a lot of reasons mostly my health but I’m trying to convince people I’m okay to do it. It was my life for a really long time, 15 years if you’re counting.

Anonymous said:  List as many OTPs as you can off the top of your head

I would put this under a read more but mobile struggles. I’m terrible at thinking of things off the top of my head omg

Stiles and Lydia
Sam and Quinn
Chuck and Blair
Francis and Mary
Klaus and Caroline
Matt and Rebekah
Jeremy and Bonnie
Scott and Allison
Isaac and Erica
Jesse and Rachel
John and Mary
Kurt and Blaine
Santana and Brittany
Mike and Tina
Dan and Serena
Eric and Jenny
Seth and Summer
Ryan and Marissa
Dean and Jo
Dean and Cas
James and Lily
Ron and Hermione
Harry and Ginny
Frank and Alice
Peter and Tink
Toby and Spencer
Wren and Hanna
Holden and Aria
Bing and Jane
Darcy and Lizzie
Jasper and Alice
Emmett and Rose
Augustus and Hazel
Percy and Annabeth
Tony an Pepper
Fitz and Simmons
Clint and Natasha
Scott and Jean
Bobby and Rogue
Gambit and Kitty
Peeta and Delly
Gale and Madge
Rory and Prim
Finnick and Annie
The Doctor and Rose
Rory and Amy
Matty and Sadie
Jake and Tamara

That’s all I got off the top of my head. Sorry this is so long everyone.